Sunday, September 5, 2010

Work Space

Howdy Ho,
Just a quick post as I forgot to the photos of my new hobby space. I'm very proud of my little piece of heaven, I feel so spoiled to finally have one. So no more working on the kitchen table..... Anyhow this is my desk where all the creativity over loads me.....
This is my computer desk. The chair needs a little updating..... MMMmmmm wonder what it would look like in SU DSP???
This area is where I create things. Well I would like to think I do.( I think I spend way tooooo much time at the other desk) LOL.... This is behind the door. An for a very good reason (what a mess) we are currently working on that. Nothing a trip to IKEA will not resolve just need the $$$.
Anyhow thats it for now. Keep smiling and TFL xx

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